Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mighty waters: Maneuvering through powerful rapids

White water rafting is a high-octane outdoor sport that is almost a constant entry to very adventure seeker’s bucket list. It has become the travel enthusiasts’ (like myself) dream to venture into the majestic outdoors by maneuvering through rough rapids amid wildlife. The following are some of the most majestic destinations that my fellow adventure junkies would wish to explore: 


Image source: siyabona.com
Colorado River, Grand Canyon
Boasting 226 miles of winding ride through Utah and Arizona, this spot is close to perfection. The Colorado River area is known for its splendid view of the Grand Canyon and the thrilling experience its rapids offer. In addition, it has various hiking trails, drylands, ancient Indian ruins, and camping sites that are excellent for weekend getaways. 

Zambezi, Zimbabwe
This 15-mile river is home to Africa’s most invigorating white water rafting ride. A playing field for the expert rafters, the excitement runs from the enormous swells and stirring drops as well as the chance to get a close view of various wildlife such as hippopotamuses and crocodiles. 

Río Pacuaré, Costa Rica
This rafting spot provides diverse classes of rapids which cater to both beginners and experienced adventurers. Aside from this 18-mile journey, Costa Rica also offers breathtaking biodiversity hotspots and serene natural environment. 


Image source: scenicrivertours.com
Noce River, Italy
Offering turbulent waters for the more advanced rafters, this 17-mile ride is one of Europe’s most exhilarating white water rafting sites. Furthermore, a fresh perspective of the snow-capped mountains can be viewed from the relatively remote Val di Sole and the narrow gorges of Mostizzolo. 

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Pretty and Productive: Design Tips for Boring Office Spaces

As an industrial interior designer, I get asked a lot by people who want to make their work spaces look more appealing than the usual white and gray walls that they’re stuck with. While I don’t think offices will allow their employees to paint their walls bright red, there are little details that can be added to the typically boring cubicle or corner that people call their workspace.

Choose colorful desk decorations

This tip is not just for the ladies. Even guys can feel the break in monotony with an electric blue clock or a bright orange pen holder. For me, the key to breaking the spell of boredom with a good color scheme. Prints are also a good way to bring life to a desk or a wall. But for all my friends out there who would like to stick with the industrial gray-white-black color scheme, a lot could be done with those three hues too. Perhaps using monochromatic or metallic desk accessories could make your space stand out.

Image source: Lifehacker.com
Adorn the walls

Putting up a poster or even a small picture of the things you love can change the ambiance of your workspace. To be safe on the side, try pinning all your posters and other items artfully onto a corkboard. When you’re stuck finishing financial reports, it’s good to have some motivation. Being creative with wall notes and decors could also be a good way to boost creativity.

Image source: Buzzfeed.com
These are very basic tips to spruce up an office space. Maybe next time, I’ll tell you more design secrets that can help make your office less uninteresting.

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