Thursday, February 7, 2019

Travel tips for vacationing with your pet

If you are an animal lover, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to travel to places with your pet. It might seem like a daunting task, but there are some ways you can make this easier. Scott Jay Abraham, a designer who always takes his dog on trips, shares travel tips if you want to spend a holiday with your pet.

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Check if your accommodation is pet-friendly. Before even considering bringing your furry friend, make sure that the hotels or inns you are staying at accept pets. You can always check online pet-friendly hotel listings and databases.

Keep a list of local veterinary clinics. Bringing your pet traveling is a big responsibility, and this includes having an emergency plan in case your pet gets sick. A quick research on local vets in your destination is a must before you travel, so you can have peace of mind.

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Train your pet with simple commands. Bringing your pet to a place that’s completely foreign to them could create some difficulties. This will save you a lot of trouble while you’re on the road, especially when you’re driving or carpooling with people. Personnel at the hotel you’re staying at will also appreciate an obedient pet, adds Scott Jay Abraham.

Scott Jay Abrahamhas been working as an independent industrial interior designer for five years. During his free time, he takes his Dachshund, Shadow, for long walks across less touristy spots throughout the West Coast. For more articles like this, visit this page.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Which NBA teams should you keep an eye on this season?

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It’s incredibly important for basketball teams to keep improving. Be it on or off season, teams must always be grinding, getting better at handling, offense, defense, and overall play. Through scrimmages and other practice games, teamwork is made stronger and bolder. The 2018-2019 season promises a lot of action for teams and fans alike.

The Indian Pacers made one of the greatest trades last year, moving Paul George for a young star, Victor Oladipo. Indy is excited for the current season with such as Oladipo and Myles Turner joining the team. A top-4 seed is almost guaranteed this year for the Pacers, as the team had a great run the previous year. The Chicago Bulls is not a stranger to both the limelight and the sidelines. The Bulls used to be Lebron’s biggest competition back in the East before regressing. With building blocks like LaVine, Dunn, Markkanen, and Wendell Carter, the Bulls are set to improve significantly this season.

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The Denver Nuggets, after grabbing the steal of the draft in Michael Porter, picking up Isaiah Thomas, and re-signing their star Center for an extra five years, might finally be able to reach it. The Nuggets can take a spot in the playoffs, with a stable lineup and with other teams regressing this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a couple of veterans mixed with young guns. The legendary franchise has a lot to offer, but fans are curious as to how the team will improve throughout the season in terms of playing well together.

Scott Jay Abraham is an industrial interior designer, fearsome traveler, blogger, and a diehard Golden State Warriors fan. For more NBA updates, head over to this blog.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Winning hotel interior design trends

The main purpose of hotels is to create an experience that is both comfortable and adventurous for guests. This is why interior design plays a large part in the success of many hotels in the world.

On that note, here are a number of interior design trends that have elevated the hotel experience this year.

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The other home

Hotels don’t just strive to be your second home, interior designers have come up with designs that make hotels a guest’s other home. What used to be white plaster walls and ordinary furniture has now been replaced with couches, small kitchens, plants, and other carefully-planned features that recreate the warmth and comfort of one’s home.


As mentioned earlier, plants have become a regular fixture in hotels. This not only pushes forth the more natural appeal of living spaces but also emphasizes the importance of the environment and overall sustainability.

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Creative lights

Having more creative interiors makes for a more unforgettable experience. One of the main attractions of many hotels nowadays is installing creative lighting that both illuminates the room and allows guests to see themselves “in a better light” so to speak.

Smart tech

Let’s be honest -- people love their gadgets. Smart televisions, speakers, tablets, and other devices in hotel rooms adds to the convenience of the experience. A few swipes and clicks are very much welcome, especially for guests who have had a full day of travel and are looking to simply rest.

I’m Scott Jay Abraham, and I’m an industrial interior designer expert in home and office design. I am also a travel aficionado, going to odd roadside attractions that have not yet been kissed by mass tourism. I usually explore places with my Dachshund buddy, Shadow. For more posts like this, visit this page.

Will DeMarcus Cousins stay with the Warriors after this NBA season?

The mere fact that DeMarcus Cousins himself chose to join the Warriors is incredible for the Golden State franchise. After all, having Cousins in the lineup makes their entire starters All-Stars. It will take some time before Boogie starts playing as he is still recovering from a ruptured Achilles injury, but the Warriors are not in a hurry. They are still the team to beat in the league, with or without Cousins.

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Which brings to the question of Boogie staying put after this 2018-19 season. Most analysts believe that the power forward will surely depart, believing that he only joined the Warriors to chase a title this year. It also doesn’t make sense for him to continue taking a pay cut, as is the case with this one-year deal of $5.3 million.

Cousins should be a great fit for the Warriors, providing needed inside presence and height for a team that generally plays small-ball. Unlike most other big forwards, he is agile, can run the floor, and shoot threes. He would help space the floor more for the team’s shooters while providing needed rebounds and another passing option for Durant and Curry during drives.

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But while it’s not easy to speculate about his future decision, especially because he has yet to play a single game in Warriors uniform, the likelihood is high that he will leave during free agency. The main reason for this is that management will not have the money to keep him anyway, especially if he demands a higher pay should the Warriors win the title anew.

What’s up? I’m Scott Jay Abraham, a San Francisco-based industrial interior designer, traveler, blogger, and diehard Golden State Warriors fan. For more about me and my interests, check out this page.

Best pet-friendly tourist destinations in the US

Sometimes, the best person to go with on an adventure is the one that’s always waiting for us to get home from work. Traveling with your pet is an activity that can strengthen your bond. And it’s one of the few chances that your pet can see the world. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but it’s all worth it in the end. If you’re planning on going on a road trip with your best buddy, here are some pet-friendly destinations in the country.

San Diego, California Californians just love dogs and dogs just love California. Here, you and your pet can have a great time frolicking at the beach, playing with other dogs, or even surf at Fiesta Island. In terms of dining, San Diego hosts a lot of pet-friendly restaurants that actually cater to your furry buddy. There are also photography companies that can follow you around and take candid photos of you and your pet during the trip.

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Bar Harbor, Maine Bar Harbor has a lot of good views and vantage points that you and your furball will enjoy. It’s great for people with very active pets with all the hills you can climb. As for food, the deck at Stewman’s Lobster Pound Downtown is the best place for you to enjoy fresh seafood. They even have a special menu for your bestie.

Key West, Florida Key West dog beach is the place to be for you and your furry companion. Get in touch with Lazy Dog Kayak and take your doggo out for a paddle. It’s surely will make for an adventure you both won’t forget.

Hi! I’m Scott Jay Abraham, an industrial interior designer from San Francisco, California. In my free time, I travel to strange but ruggedly handsome places with my favorite buddy, Shadow, a Dachshund. For more reads on travel, visit this website.

The insatiable traveler: The most unforgettable cities in the world

Travelers have every reason to be excited. They always have the chance to explore places other people just read in books or watch on TV. Here’s a solid checklist of the favorite cities of travelers everywhere.

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New York City: Also known as “The Big Apple,” NYC is the greatest city in the world with something for everyone.

San Francisco: Laid back and beautiful, SF boasts of old American culture and splendid views from different points in the city.

Hong Kong: A great first stop in Asia, HK may be a bit crowded nowadays, but there are still dozens of places worthy of guests.

Tokyo: One of the most cosmopolitan places in the world, Tokyo is as entertaining as it is efficient and as colorful as it is historical.

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Kyoto: The old capital of Japan, Kyoto is a must for fans of Japanese culture and heritage.

Venice: Who isn’t in love with Venice? This canal town is the most famous city of its kind.

Rome: Probably the most historical place on this list, Rome is the birthplace of modern civilization as we know it.

Paris: Often called the most romantic city on Earth, Paris is definitely a place for lovers. With its classy monuments and establishments, this city should be on everyone’s must-visit list.

Scott Jay Abraham is an interior designer, traveler, and certified NBA fan. For more on Scott, follow him on Twitter.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Winteriors: Design Ideas for the Winter

Time flies really fast. Before you know it, summer’s over and in comes the fall. Then winter sets in. It’s pretty easy to design the inside of a house. It’s another thing however, to come up with designs for the different seasons. Let’s skip forward a few months and see what kind of winter design ideas are good for a house.

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Spring colors are mostly pastel – green and blue. Summer is also blue to cool down the scene. Fall would be yellow and red to match the leaves. Winter though, is predominantly white with a bit of gray. These colors blend well with the exterior of a house in a snowy region. But some houses though opt for red or yellow to give it a “cozier” feel.
It’s always a good idea to roll out the plush rugs during the winter since wood and tile floorings can be too cold to the touch. Not only does a beautiful rug provide an aesthetic advantage, it also has practical uses, warming up residents.
Romantic candlelight fire in lamps can change the mood of a winter home if you don’t have a (or make use of your) fireplace. As long as every safety precaution is observed, fire serves both an aesthetic as well as practical design.

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Hi, I’m Scott Jay Abraham, and I love my dog Shadow as much as I love interior design. Visit my blog for more on the stuff I love.