Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Workplace Chic: Office Designs to Boost Productivity

Gone are the days when offices look like offices. The dreary, clinical setting has been proven to hinder productivity and concentration rather than foster creativity and efficiency. So, how do you transform your office to boost employee productivity? Here are a few suggestions:

Let employees design their space
Workers tend to work better in familiar spaces. Allowing them to personalize their work stations by adding a picture or two of their families and loved ones or any other trinkets they cherish may help them enjoy their work more. This can lead to better output and increased job satisfaction. 

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Add color and textures
Colors and textures can brighten up any space. Certain colors also induce emotions. Meanwhile, color psychology could also affect personnel and determine the mood of the workplace. 

Lighting is important
Natural light is still the best kind of light and according to studies, exposure to it can reduce eye fatigue and promote productivity in the workplace. Artificial lighting can be harsh, so it is a good idea to let natural light into your office by adding more windows to the office area. 

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Provide mixed spaces
Wide and open areas have been proven distracting in a workplace setup. But providing communal areas where employees can mingle and share ideas with each other is something to consider. Closed meeting rooms are still appropriate, though, for serious business discussions.

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