Monday, July 20, 2015

A Home For Shadow: Building a Dog-Friendly Yet Aesthetically-Pleasing Home

My canine buddy, Shadow, is one of the most important figures in my life, and since he's my number one roommate, it's my utmost concern that our house is a safe and fun place for the both of us. And, of course, being an interior designer, having an aesthetically-pleasing abode is also a significant matter. So how does one build and maintain an awesome-looking pad that's still perfect for doggie pals like Shadow?
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Accessorize with items that look great even when distressed - Pristine items that get scuffed or broken easily are bad ideas, especially if you have an active, furry friend. Antique or vintage-like furniture that still look awesome even with a few dings and scratches are a way to go.

Install a resilient floor surface - Concrete, hardwood, and tile floors are great for pet-friendly residences. Not only are they easier to clean, they're also generally harder to scuff. Furry dogs will also enjoy tiled floors during the summer because they're cooler.

Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting as they're harder to clean. Instead, go with easy-to-remove tiled carpets or rugs made from durable and stain-resistant materials.

Coordinate your decor with your pet's fur - Constantly having to pick fur out of sofas is a pain, -and if your furry companion is anything like Shadow, he'll love sleeping on the sofa, so choosing upholstery similar to your pet's fur color is great camouflage. That said, it's not an excuse to be a slouch about cleaning the house and grooming your dog.

Dedicate spaces for your dog - While Shadow can go practically anywhere around the house, he also has specific, comfortable spots to sleep and eat. A design trend nowadays is integrating napping niches into shelving and stairs so that separate dog baskets don't take up too much space. Having a regular area for eating makes it easier for clean-up.
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Maintain cleanliness - Sticking to a regular grooming schedule for pets keeps them healthy and clean, controls the shedding around the house, and the shorter nails means keeping scratches, scuffs, and fabric snags to a minimum. 

Following these tips will make living with a furry companion safer, more comfortable, and neater, and that's great for Shadow and me.

As Shadow's best buddy and an interior designer, I, Scott Jay Abraham, am dedicated to making sure that our home is both dog-friendly and great to look at. Read more about my life with this awesome dog by visiting this blog.