Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paint Color Mistakes You Should Avoid

Image source : hearstapps.com
Choosing a paint color for your home is a task we often leave to professionals. While this is a safe way to go, choosing your own color gives you a better feeling about your home, knowing you have a big part of its design. But choosing a paint color isn’t as simple as choosing color for your furniture.
Here are paint color mistakes you should avoid:

Picking colors that exactly match your favorite object

If you want your favorite piece to stand out in a room, choose colors that are similar but a shade softer. So, instead of choosing the exact green for your pillow, choose a lighter and more subtle shade, so your pillow will pop up.

Choosing very bright colors

Colors that are too bright and strong are not very good for interior wall color. These walls should invite a relaxing feeling when you enter a room, and bright colors convey the opposite. Choose colors that will easily blend with your environment, and complement what you love.

Image source : laurelberninteriors.com
Overwhelming the eye

Not giving your eye places to rest will make you feel exhausted, rather than relaxed. As much as wall-to-wall boldness is good, even the most colorful spaces need spots for the eye to rest. Make sure to include empty, or neutral spaces in your room that will balance out all the color.

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