Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Future Of Interior Design Is In Versatile Furniture

I have always said that design is a reflection of the sensibilities of the society at the moment. Enthusiasts of the industry will see how each era, be it in fashion, architecture, or infrastructure was heavily influenced by what society dictated to be proper at the time. That said, I want to emphasize the growing popularity of versatile furniture, and why I feel that the future of interior design lies in these pieces.
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Today, we are witnessing a rapid growth of technology and business. There are so many startups, so much software, and all of these things emphasize the need for a "now, now, now" kind of thinking. Office and home spaces reflect this by being relatively smaller – although sleeker. This is to accommodate the influx of people moving to the cities. Real estate managers have shifted their focus on building assets vertically instead of laterally. This leaves homeowners and employees with a space that needs to be maximized to its fullest. Thus, versatile furniture is such an amazing invention. 

Whereas our grandparents bought pieces of furniture with only one purpose in mind (e.g. this couch is meant to be a couch, and we can sit or sleep on it), many furniture makers have now developed pieces that have a variety of functions. It is not unusual for a sofa to now be a storage space or be converted into a bed. Versatile furniture, as the name suggests, optimizes space because of its versatility. 

This is why I believe the future of design would be based on these types of furniture. Interior designers cannot expect homeowners to spend so much on typical pieces that would take up too much space in their homes. Furniture that can serve several functions is not only practical but necessary.

I am Scott Jay Abraham, and I work as an independent interior designer. Follow me on Twitter for more design talk.