Monday, August 1, 2016

The Shiny Trend of Warm Metal in Interior Designing

Lately becoming more of a trend in interior design is the metal mania that swept 2015 off its feet. The use of warm, rich metal hues has moved the industry away from conventional metals, silver, steel, and aluminum. More interior and architectural designs are shifting to the palettes bronze, copper, and most especially, rose gold.

The use of these tones is experiencing a renaissance, as the colors provide an elegant and prestigious feel to homes, hotels, and even offices. Warm metal’s blend of natural elegance and beauty evokes feelings of comfort and amiability.

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Rose gold is quite differentiated from other shades of gold, and it complements a wide mix of earth tones. Copper, meanwhile, provides more of an edgy, industrial feel. Bronze or brass offers resplendence that makes it a quality choice for high-end interiors.

Another trend in interior designing that will see an uptick is bringing nature into the homes. From horticulture-inspired fabrics to living walls, natural materials are ideal for the simplistic yet luxurious designs most homeowners or architects are searching for.

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This is a perfect avenue for warm metals to sneak its way even more into the interiors as the hues complement wood, stone, or raw concrete materials well, and help bounce light around the room.

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  1. Warm Metal is the new trend in Interior designing.

  2. My wife loves rose gold. It's very chic and classy according to her.

  3. This gives me an idea on the interior design of my new house.