Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Health Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

We all know the many benefits our dogs get when we walk them. But dog owners enjoy numerous health benefits from this activity as well. Nature has provided us not only man’s best friend but also the perfect personal trainers. They are hardworking, loyal, and enthusiastic. Their energy is contagious that they provide good motivation to maintain a program.

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Here are some of the benefits of owning and walking your dog regularly:

  • Breast cancer risk reduced by 75 percent and heart disease by 49 percent from regular walking exercise.
  • Good social support plus people who walk their dogs are perceived as friendly and approachable.
  • Dog owners who reportedly walk their dogs are 25 percent less likely to gain obesity than people without dogs.
  • Studies show that 70 percent of adult dog owners achieved 150 minutes of exercise per week compared to only 40 percent among non-owners.

If having a hard time following through on your New Year’s resolution to exercise daily, maybe having a dog is the answer. Go get yourself a dog, grab a leash, and go for a walk.

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